Monday, September 15, 2008

*I have a little news...*

I have been asked by a dear friend if I would like to take a spot in their markets : Designers Emporium. So Peachy Keen is born, a stall devoted to selling delicious homemade delectables. I have spent the last few weeks in a cooking frenzy, plying friends and family alike with sweeties to taste test! Do you like my logo?

I am going to sell truffles, melting moments and other lovely biscuits and of course, cupcakes!

So if you live in Brisbane, be sure to come to the Everton Park Hotel on the first Sunday in October to see the launch of Peachy Keen! If you mention you read my blog, you will get a special surprise ;)

I have also lost my internet connection and am relying on dial-up at the moment, hence the lack of posts. Apologies to the EB girls, I will get in there soon, it just takes FOREVER with the ads and things!

I have done a little sewing, which I will aim to post tomorrow - you should see how long it's taken me to get this up!


Car said...

Ooh sounds good (& delish) I'll mark it in the calendar & try to get there - if only to try some of your food :)

lolliegirl said...

Yum! Love the look of those treats AND the logo/name!!

Good luck with it all :)

Cass said...

Oh Leah that is fantastic, good luck I am sure you will do really well. Love the name and logo

Kylie said...

Oh Yumm - do you do mail order - or I will just have to get up there and visit you for a little sweet fix. Good luck with it all.

Karin said...

Wow! Sensational idea!

I definitely love your logo. You go girl!

Good luck!

Natalie said...

LOVE you logo and everything looks so scrummy! All the best for a great day