Friday, February 6, 2009

Thrifty Goodness

I am desperately in need of new clothes, and so my best mate & I hit the oppy on Wednesday afternoon whilst the little two were at Kindy. For under $50 I managed to get 3 skirts, 4 tops and a bag. One of the tops I bought was brand new with the $34.99 price tag still attached. I was stoked! Even if I was a millionaire (oh, I wish), I think I would still go to Op shops, it's something about having lovely clothes for a fraction of the price and knowing that it will be loved just as much as it's old owner did :0).

I also managed to snaffle some china and glassware for my growing collection. Don't you just love this Pyrex Beaker Jug? It's huge! I've looked on Ebay & Pyrex Love to see if it's part of a set but I haven't seen anything even remotely like it? I thought of Ingrid as soon as I saw it as I know she hankers for Pyrex. And four little pansy bowls, perfect for nibbles or a Valentine's dessert, for the peeps and I.

I am kinda down around the mouth about this Valentine's Day. My first single V-Day for 12 years. Another adventure to go through I suppose! I have plans to make the kids some cards and a chocolate love surprise as well. I may not have a big guy in my life but my little man and 2 little misses just make my heart melt - and isn't that what V-Day is all about?! Plus I'll have a swap present to be opened as well, so not too shabby ;0)

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