Saturday, January 10, 2009

A New Bed

My old bed has served me for over 11 years and I love it. But seven moves later - the old girl had given up the ghost - slats would drop out in the middle of the night and it was being held together with half inserted wooden dowels.

After a good look around I decided to get a white bed and after a mammoth trip to Ikea yesterday, I came home with in excess of a hundred kilograms of wood & metal to be made into a new bed & TV Cabinet.

I woke up this morning in this....

And tonight I will be going to bed in this!!

It only took an hour to put together and I only swore twice, which was right at the end trying to fit the slats in. Now I am dreaming of girly quilts to make to pretty it up.
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Cass said...

Great looking bed Leah and that must be an Ikea record for putting together

Andrea said...

Great choice in beds Leah, it sure does look dreamy and perfect for a handmade quilt.

Corrie said...

love the new there is a plus to being lady of the house now because you can go as girly as you want and no one is going to say anything!!!!!!

looks like you've settled in perfectly!! I love going to our local youth mass on a sunday night because the music is excellent and because its sunday night I start the week so much more refreshed and re-energised!!!! I normally just take keira with me if we've missed mass in the morning which is easy when its 9am and there are 5 people to get out the door!!!


Rachael said...

that is gorg!