Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

So I don't usually go in for the hype of NY Resolutions, but this year I have made one (that I am willing to share out loud) - I am wanting to get more involved in the Blogging Crafting community, push my boundaries and skills and make an effort to 'connect' with more crafters.
So my first little step is to participate in Ginger Monkey's Swap! Something nice and simple to start with :0) It's very exciting! I've done swaps with the fabulous EB girls but this is my first foray into Blog Swaps.


Katy said...

And I'm overjoyed you're on board!!!

Email your address, full name, likes and dislikes to and I'll get you paired up!

Thanks for playing x

Louise said...

Thanks for dropping by today! I was tempted to get in on Katy's swap but decided to sit back and watch this time. But swapping is definitely the way to get more involved and Katy is an absolute winner when it comes to organising that stuff. I hope you get a great partner. Thanks for your comment about my blog - I really need to pay it a bit more attention. But you know what it's like - 3 kids and school holidays! Still, there's plenty of crafting being done so I think you have inspired me to take some photos and post tonight! Lovely to meet you!