Thursday, February 25, 2010

You did WHAT??!!

My parents are off travelling Asia again for a couple of years. They spent almost 2 years away just after Poppy was born and have just gone again in November. I had planned to go over in September to see them in Vietnam but as it turns out Steven will be away. I was pretty devastated to say the least.

He is coming in Easter to see the children so Mum suggested over Skype last night , "why not come then?" Of course I said "no way, it's too soon, I can't get everything organised, I can't afford it." But after they generously offered to pay for me to go (I know - it's like winning LOTTO) and Steven's parents wonderfully offered to have the kids for a week - I booked tickets today for TWO WEEKS away!

Oh my... *panic stations*. So I am off in 35 days, with the extra hitch of: an expired passport, no visa or up to date innoculations....... *meep*

I can't believe it really. It's just one of the most random, spontaneous & wonderful things to happen to me! So I've been away from Asia for 13 years and I am so so thrilled to be heading back. I'm already thinking of the photos, food & fun in store for me with two weeks with my Mum. To top it off (as if it needs icing) - I get two overnight stop overs in Kuala Lumpur!!! I am grinning so wide right now & feeling more blessed than I can articulate.

First stop - Births, Deaths and Marriages for a Marriage Certificate. Isn't it funny - our divorce papers are being organised & I'm off to pay $70 to prove I'm married.....

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Kylie said...

WOW - sounds great - and a stop over in KL - half your luck:)

Looking forward to hearing more - and LOL at proving that you are married!