Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Meal Plan

Old Homestead near Rushworth 2006, pic taken by Steven

After the excitement of the long weekend - it's back to the daily grind on the ranch.

Having just completed our first full fortnight of Meal Planning, I thought I would share with you. My plan looked like this (everything is made from scratch):

Chicken, Noodles Stir-fry
Lamb Roast
Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni
BBQ Ribs
"Popcorn" (store bought 100% chicken mini nuggets from Aldi) chicken wraps
Chicken Enchiladas
BBQ Salmon
Tuna and Sweet Potato Croquets
Bacon Quiche
Fried Rice with Spring Rolls and Dumplings
Chicken Schnitzels

All were with either veg or salad and other sides. It worked really well to do it this way as I could buy exact quantities of ingredients and vary the meat/chicken/fish quantities. It also stopped me from staring at the frozen meat and drawing a blank of what to cook.

I have so many recipes that I use that it would take me all month to write them here but I will try to blog one recipe a week maybe?

I love to cook so although my menu may look labour intensive ie: making schnitzel, shortcrust pastry, dumplings, spring rolls from scratch, it would be easy to buy ready-made. I make bulk lots of pizza dough, dumplings, spring rolls etc and stock my freezer so I have 'take away' food ready to go. I realise it may not be the healthiest, low fat meal plan in the World but I believe in having yummy home-cooked food so you don't buy it elsewhere!

I would love to see anyone else's meal plans and recipes they love, I find a lot of my meal inspiration on the Internet. The best sweet I've ever made came from here - Oh good lord, they are the BEST. I took a pan of them to my friends' one afternoon and they thought we'd bought them. I think I will abstain from making them this fortnight as I don't think my belt would stand the strain. It's under enough pressure from the Easter chocolate!

Back later with my Cleaning task sheet.....

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Kylie said...

yumm - on my way to dinner at your place! would you be able to make the yummo lemon cake you make and blog the recipe - i keep loosing (read as deleting the emails) and have lemons calling out to be made into cake!