Sunday, March 30, 2008

**Cluck Cluck**

Photo by Me - Day 4

My dear friend had her second child on Wednesday - a sweet, precious, adorable girl:

Little girls are precious gifts,
wrapped in love serene.
Their dresses tied with sashes
and futures tied with dreams

Just seeing her sweet face took me back to when my own precious sons and daughters came into the World. All the hopes and dreams that come to your heart for them and their future. I am so inordinately blessed to have been able to call myself Mother, not once, but four times. It's such a heady responsibility combined with immense pride, wonder and love. Ah, sweet babies.

I know of so many people who would love a child of their own to raise, either coming to their families through, birth, adoption, fostering etc. Tonight I will be lighting a candle and sincerely pray & wish that every family who wanted to be blessed with children were; without struggle, loss or heartache.

Yesterday Steven participated in a parade to officially open his new unit. I didn't take any photos as he was back in the second row but Poppy squealed in delight when she saw him march past, sword drawn. At the conclusion of the parade which included a gun salute, a C130 and F11 fighter jet went over the parade ground, not only providing a huge shock to the ears of the watchers but a great excitement as well. It was lovely to see him march past, he makes me so proud in the job that he does and it's nice to be able to go and 'support' him!

We participated in Earth Hour last night - how about you?


Helen said...

Oh Leah, what a beautiful photo. Hope you will be holding a babe of your own like that again soon too. :) Earth hour here? I forgot to start with, it was Earth 40 minutes here! LOL

Kylie said...

Leah - love the photo Cluck Cluck away. (and ditto to everything helen said) love us!