Monday, March 17, 2008

Our weekend

We headed to Mt Cootha Botanical Gardens on Saturday and then Sunday saw us heading to two Birthday parties! I have a lot more photos to share but seeing as they are of other people's children I won't blog them.

It was lovely to see new friends and old, to share memories and hopes for the future.

It was especially lovely to celebrate Izaac's 1st Birthday - as an ex-29 weeker he's had a rough start to life but is thriving now (with minor hiccups). His parents have struggled to get him to where he is today & of course there is still the concern that his premature arrival Earth-side may present some problems further down the track, but for yesterday we were able to revel in his babyhood and celebrate the marvellous acheivements and joy he has brought everyone that comes in contact with him.

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