Sunday, August 3, 2008

I made a Strawberry and now I wanna Eat her!

Not much doing here, I did get to make Princess P some new PJs as her old ones were ankle breezers! I finished off the sleeves and legs with a rolled edge to give it a more 'long john-ish' feel, she just looks thrilled huh? It was bedtime and she was in no mood to sit and pose for the camera. It's proof that she's not always 'butter wouldn't melt in her mouth'!
It's nice to see her growing for a change, she's such a little thing, her weight is at 11kgs now which puts her fair square under the 10% centile for her age. All that should change soon - she is having her tonsils and adenoids out, and grommits in, some time after the 19th of August, so we should hopefully see some height and weight gain in the next little while after that.
The weekend was spent doing chores around the house and loving on my DH who returned home on Monday after seven weeks away in Sydney. He worked on the preparations for the Pope's visit for World Youth Day. I think having him away for a little while gives us all a newfound appreciation for when we're back together. Although he has mentioned a few times about how quiet it was down there and how he got to eat in peace for every meal! I'm sure he really did miss us.... ;)
What have you got planned for your craft week? I am hoping to spend my day off tomorrow doing some more quilting on Poppy's quilt and cutting out some more PJs and a couple of sweet dresses.

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Cass said...

She does look happy doesn't she LOL. Glad to see you are all back together again.