Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Why I love bags - 30 minutes and you're fabulous!

I have finally got around to making myself another bag. The Jordy tutorial is the best first-stop for wanna-be bag makers. Then it's just so simple to tweak it to your requirements! Mine is perfectly suited for me to carry my mobile, keys and purse, no superflous pockets or additives as it's so itty-bitty they aren't needed!

How wonderful for crafters to share their expertise and allow others to see the how-to for things. Us crafters are a sharing, caring bunch! I only wish I had a tutorial to share with others. Maybe that could be a to-do?!


Andrea said...

That bag loos fantastic Leah! 30 minutes, you're a champ!

Ellie said...

Love it - especially if it only takes 30 mins. So x 4 maybe 2 hours for me ;-p

The fabric is gorgeous.

Cyliebug said...

You are fabulous, how could you not be. That just looks great.