Friday, August 22, 2008

I'd like to thank the Academy....

Well, check it out! I got an award from the gorgeous Karin! I met her through MISS and was so excited to discover she has a blog.
Anyway, talk about make my week! I love to think I have people who read what I dribble about. To celebrate, I will be making a zippered pouch to give away filled with some vintage and new goodness to brighten up a sewing day! If you'd like to leave a comment and I'll pick a number out of the hat on Sunday.
My picks to pass this award on for this week would have to be:
Tsk Tsk - Tiel does the MOST BEAUTIFUL artwork and she is just so lovely to boot!
Cass - What can I say to Cass that hasn't been said already? She is a very generous, kind and wonderfully crafty soul.
Nikki-Shell - Her writing is uplifting and again, her craft is great.
There are so many others I could share, my Bloglines stands at 89 so far and they're all great. But that will suffice for now.
We made some Teacup biscuits for Jaynie to take to school today for her classmates. They were a huge hit and even Poppy could get in on the sticky fun. Although I couldn't buy Tic Toc biscuits or musk lifesavers - what is the World coming to when they stop making staples like those!
Have a great weekend peeps! Much love to you and yours. x*


Cass said...

Thanks so much Leah. I can never find the lifesavers either so I just buy fruit tingles.

Karin said...

Well you are most welcome Dahhling!


I love looking at your blog with all the beautiful crafts and family photos. Brings a smile to my face every time. :-)


tiel said...

thank you so so much. It is really nice to see these things. I'm honoured.