Monday, April 14, 2008


Photo taken by Me in our Front Yard, Wodonga

What a weekend. Full of talks, full of past, present and future. Love, loss and hope. It's been a tiring and fulfilling time.

I wanted to escape to the beach to clear my head and let the unending wash of the waves cleanse my futile soul and refill it with a sense of something bigger but alas time was against me so I've decided to do a totally disjointed Gratitude list. I've read lots of peoples' lists (wish I could link some right now, please forgive me, I'm too tired) and thought they were a cool idea so here's my crack. Today I am grateful for:
  • Friends in my life. Old and new, all understanding me and loving me for me.
  • Not-so Friends no longer in my life - for helping me to better appreciate what I do have in my real ones. For teaching me life lessons, however painful but necessary for growth.
  • My children. My living children for being my daily joy and for Darcy being my strength and forever link to a Heaven I can only dream of.
  • My husband. Through thick and thin (thin and not so thin). Best friend, rock, support, laughter, vulnerability, nemesis.
  • Mocha coffees at 1am when Cameron won't sleep and my nerves won't rest.
  • This silly little blog - my link to some of the most amazing people I have ever not met.
  • Needle and thread. Fabric and Yarn. A universal language.
  • Charlie and Lola DVDs - my 71 minutes of peace and quiet a day. And for the hours of inspired play they create afterwards.
  • Borders Bookstore - for giving Jaynie and I a precious hour and a half of perfect intunement - reading, browsing, hand holding. We are now proud owners of Possum Magic, Koala Lou and there's a Hippo on our Roof Eating Cake.
  • Messenger - the connection to a ray of light and a dimple creating smile (Hi Kylie!).
  • God for putting me here and now and guiding my futile attempts at navigating the sea of life.
I think that'll do for now... I think I've covered most all and the kitchen sink. So if you're confused and random as I am right now, you might like a try?!

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Kylie said...

Oh Wow - glad that I can put a smile on your face and a cold computer to lean on - Love ya and keep that head up.