Thursday, April 17, 2008

Op Shop Gold

Look what I found today. For the sum of $72, this little baby is waiting to be picked up on Saturday when I can be minus children to bring it home.

It needs a bit of work on the veneer, but all the wood underneath is in perfect condition along with the mirror inlays. Did you recognise the left hand side top part as being a lift up cocktail bar?! I can't wait to fill it with martini glasses and lots of canapes and swan around pretending to be in some vintage glamour movie. I have dreamed of finding a piece like this, my Grandpa's house was full of this type of furniture (who knows where it all is now). I will finally have room for my placemats and thrifted beauties that I could never bring home before due to lack of space.
Thanks Cass for the passed-on op shop luck! I got a jumper and a gorgeous pottery jug I will blog later.


Cass said...

Leah that is a beauty and I'm glad some luck flew your way

Ruth said...

I really like the cabinet. What a steal at $72! Be sure to show us once it's full :-)

ingrid said...

Wow wow wow! I am sooooo jealous! This is fabulous. Lucky you. You will have to show us pics when you get it home and fill it with goodies.

Kim said...

Great find Leah! I love getting furniture from op-shops - It has so much more character.