Friday, April 11, 2008

An Nena Lollie Nena Head??

The kids and I had a trip to the museum yesterday. After a week of illness and DVDs, we all felt a little cooped up. I gave Jaynie the choice of op-shopping and park or the museum. Apparentlywe're going op-shopping today (don't like her chances, I'm exhausted)!

We toddled in around 11:30 after making lunch to take with us and getting all snazzed up. We had to park in the covention centre car park and walk but it was a nice day so no problems there. I was surprised at just how busy it was!

The kids were awesome, waiting their turn to look at things and being generally exceptional in their behaviour, with the slight deviations from the norm of course, nothing that a stern talking to or a jellybean to break the monotony of being in the pusher for Poppy couldn't fix. We finished off at the Science Centre playing with all the gadgets.

I really enjoyed seeing how the kids' different ages and conceptual understanding made each experiment a different experience for them. Anna-Jayne read each plaque and asked questions based on gravity, mirrors, weight - lots of things that I had to struggle to answer. She was most impressed with the idea that she could lift an 80kg fridge by a rope attached to a lever - and she worked out all on her own that the closer to the object she was (ie: less leverage) the harder it was to lift it! Cameron loved playing the impromptu musical instruments and tried to get different sounds: lower and higher pitch, louder and softer and Poppy just loved dancing around in the coloured shadows and bashing things to make as much noise as possible! I experimented with a new diet I've heard about - it's called the smoke and mirror effect - I think it's working for me - although it does tend to give one "bingo wings" and bloated looking midriff - and I have no idea how they got there. Oh well, back to the reality...

Upon asking the kids there favourite part of the outing, Jaynie said it was the stuffed animals, Cameron the dinosaurs and the case of vintage firearms and Poppy? It was "An Nena Lollie Nena Head" for all your punters that don't speak Popstar-nise, that translates to getting a Lollie in her head, or stuck in her hair, whichever way you choose to think of it. Next time I'll save my legs and give her a jellybean to spit on!

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Kylie said...

Sounds like you had a great time - glad to see you are all on the mend in time for Dad to get home!
Love K