Wednesday, May 21, 2008


We got really disappointing news today. My DH had taken his position up here with the likelihood (unwritten promise) of an overseas posting for us next year. We found out today that it's not happening. *sigh*. My poor husband. He's worked so hard for it not have gone in his favour. I only hope he forgoes this for an even better opportunity.

He's such a hard working man, he does everything for his family and he's our hero. It does make me nostalgic for reasonably straight forward private enterprise though! We'll be waiting tonight with open arms and something yummy for dinner. As he said, c'est la vie, we have each other and that's all that matters. He rocks.

Well, the sewing machine waits for no woman - I'd better get this floor clean before rest time so I can actually get some done!


Kylie said...

hugs - i know where you are coming from all too well!

we have resigned our selves that we no longer believe it until it has happened. (read as - boxes are packed and on the truck)

Karen said...

Leah sorry to hear about the lack of OS posting - I hope in turn it makes other aspects of your life easier. Hope you have a lovely dinner together regardless.