Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Poppy Quilt

I've been slowly working on Poppy's Disappearing nine patch quilt. The nine patches are all done, now to be a houdini and disappear them! I am sticking with a pattern for the disappearing pieces as I don't trust my creative juices all that much. So hopefully I should be able to pull it off!

The little ones and I headed to the shop to finish our Mother's Day shopping. I am not a huge believer in buying to say thanks for being a great Mum, it's more the thought that goes into the 'perfect' gift.

I am taking my Mum to High Tea and she is getting a sewing kit as she moves into her new house on Poppy's Birthday.

For my awesome MIL Judie, I am sending a pamper kit: hand cream, nice tea, shortbread to have with it, some choccies and a brand spanking new tea cup and snack tray: hand picked by Master Cameron.

For my step-mum Marsha (who isn't my step-mum any more but I love her even more for it ;) ) a trip down memory lane: Father of the Bride DVD, which we have spent many nights and tears over, a new coffee mug (again chosen by Cameron), chocolate and her all time favourite Kingston biscuits.

I am hoping they will bring a smile and the knowledge that I appreciate having these fabulous "mothers" in my life. Each one of them is unique and I have learnt so much about life, love and parenting from them.


Andrea said...

It sounds like you have chosed perfect gifts for your mums Leah. Poppy's quilt is coming along nicely, the colours look perfect together. I can't wait to see the finished quilt.

Kylie said...

too cute - hope that you have a good mothers day! a picnic is on the adjender here if the weather holds out!

Amy said...

The quilt is beautiful. I don't understand all the lingo yet... like disappearing... I'll have to look that up in regards to quilting, but I'll learn.

You are such a thoughtful person. We actually got a little something for my dad, not a mother's day gift, but just something we'll say we've had and keep forgetting to get it to him. His mom (my grandmother) passed away a month ago tomorrow, so this Mother's Day is going to be hard for him. My mom? Flowers she loves flowers. The kind you can plant that come back year after year. :o)