Thursday, May 8, 2008

Getting there.....

I've sewn all the nine patches. Now the tricky placement issues begin. I think it will be a picnic on the lounge room floor for dinner so I can keep it on the table and play around! I'm worried I should have left it as a plain nine patch and now it looks confused?

I have a recipe to put up tonight too. I am not good at quilt or food photos, it must take more skills than I have. I never see toes in the photos in the magazines.... ;)


Kylie said...

Oh - I am just impressed that you were able to stand on the table to take the photo LOL

Looking good!

Andrea said...

Looking great Leah. I felt the same about putting my blocks altogther, in the end i just had to be happy to go with the flow a bit (so not me, I needed some kind of order). Lots of people told me that it would look good anyway and they were right, no one is going to look so closely to say oh that block should have been swapped - they will just see the gorgeous overall result.
Love the tootsies.

AJ said...

I always get toes in mine....!!

Lay the quilt on the floor, clean floor(!), and then stand on the table for the photo. Mine go on the wooden floors in the lounge and then I stand on the coffee table...NAUGHTY!!