Monday, May 12, 2008

I had the nicest Mothers Day! I was awoken at an ungodly hour of 5:45am with snuggles, kisses and jumps. The children had been shopping with Steven and bought me my very first china teacup and saucer and a gorgeous scented candle from Dusk. Anna-Jayne had made me a card and bookmark at school which made me cry. She’s so lovely that now she realizes what these special days mean – the true meaning. Not the “Hallmark, must buy four hundred dollar diamond earring” Mothers Day – the “you are very special and here’s a day to tell you how awesome you are and we appreciate everything you do” one.

The kids then gave my Mum (Nana) a new sewing kit as her old one was washed away by Cyclone Larry, and some chocolate and tea. It was very well received.

Then we gussied ourselves up and I took her to High Tea at High Societea in Clayfield. We had champagne, tea, nibbles and lovely conversation. It was so nice to spend the morning with my Mum, she’s been overseas for almost 4 years and has just returned home to settle North of Brisbane. So it’s the first Mother’s Day together for many years.

We finished our morning with a quick jaunt to Spotlight where I managed to snaffle a quilt cover for $20! It was not in a packet and without any pillowslips. When I asked a salesgirl if they had any more, she said she didn’t think there were any left as it was a Private Collection brand. While she went off to see if she could find any packaging , I mosied over to where all the Private Collection quilt covers were and there wasn’t a single one under $150! I just grabbed a couple of plain pillowslips and now my bed feels like a 5-star resort. Especially seeing as we had our new mattress delivered this morning! It is so luxurious – our ol’ girl had served us well for almost eleven years but it was time to move on. It wasn’t her, it was us, honest

I finished off the afternoon with a walk to the park and a nice home cooked meal and that’ll be Mothers day for another year. Although, between you and I: don’t tell anyone, but around here – it’s Mothers day everyday. ;)

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PinkLizzy said...

What a beautiful day you had.
High tea is a gorgeous idea.