Tuesday, May 20, 2008


That's one of the sometimes few blessings of our nomadic, defence force life. I have reached out to the cyber World and made some of the most amazing friends you could hope for.
Thank you for all your comments. They mean the World. I have felt so bolstered and supported this week. I appreciate it. Immensely...

On the craft front, I have made a couple of pairs of PJ pants in the last couple of days and I am preparing to border the Poppy Quilt. I am not sure on the fabric though? Perhaps I will just sew-for-it and see what transpires.

I also cooked a Sour Cream and Apple Pie after a post at Inside a Black Apple, so that's cooling for dessert after a warming Lamb Roast for dinner. Yum. I hope to have a finished product pic that looks as yummy! The internet is bad for my waistline.


Helen said...

Diito Leah, right back at you hon! Thank you for making my day too with your lovely comments on my blog. :)

Cass said...

Leah I/we all feel the same about you. That dessert sounds yummy too

Kylie said...

Oh yumm - this looks good!

Cant wait to see the poppy quilt - maybe just a plain coloured boarder (so you dont loose all of the prints in the quilt!)