Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Again!

I really need to find some creative titles, don't I?
I have photos to share from last weekends' jaunt to the hills just north of Brisbane. There's a lovely picnic area and down a little hill is this hidden creek. Isn't it just the thing Childhood is made for? The kids had so much fun with rocks, sticks and leaves. *Bliss* We went with some really good friends of ours who seem to be so in synch with our idea of a fun time: Good food, friends and nature. Six children totally engrossed and not an electronic gizmo or doo-dad to be seen.

I know this is meant to be a craft blog. I have NO SEW-JO. I have the want but it just seems to never eventuate. I have been so busy trying to keep the house Martha Style that I have seemed to forgone my creative endeavours. Time to remedy that I think.... Stay tuned... (I hope)!

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