Thursday, June 12, 2008

Front Door - Back Door

True View from my Front Door
A bug's view
Down the street vista - there's a teeny park down there!

My Kindred Spirit Kylie tagged me for this great meme. You have to take a photo from your Front and Back doors. It's amazing how differently you see the World through a lens with the intent of trying to make your area not look crappy to Blog-World. Be glad you can't see through my house from Front To Back, it's truly a mess at the moment! * I can't publish my back doow ones at the moment, will come back and update*

This is our newest "home": number six in six years. I don't mind it. It's not really 'me' but it's a roof over our heads and we're getting to see an awful lot of Australia. We might actually be staying put for longer than 18 months this time *shock horror* ! :)

I normally don't mind moving, I'm a bit of a gypsy at heart, but they did have to drag me kicking and screaming from Wodonga. That posting rocked, and the kitchen.... oh the kitchen...... I want the exact replica (with the exception of a proper stove) in my dream forever home.

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