Saturday, June 21, 2008

I am So Lucky

Argh! We look so young!

An SMS was waiting for me this morning:

My love for you has never changed,
I'm sure it never will.
Your pretty face and your smouldering eyes,
Are enough to kill.
I look into our childrens' eyes,
And all I see is you.
The way you are a Mum to them,
Is too good to be true.
I miss you so much,
And I love the pics you send.
Send me more they do me good,
I need them at this end.
I need to rub your feet for you,
And to hold you real tight.
You are the coolest girl I know,
You are more fly than a kite.

Together almost 12 years, Married for 9, and I still get poems like this! No wonder I am such a princess - I get treated like one..... Maybe he needs to go away for months on end more often?! It's inspires his poetic nature. ;)


lolliegirl said...

Oh my goodness! How incredibly sweet. You're a very lucky woman!!!

Cass said...

That is lovely Leah you are very lucky

Helen said...

Congrats on your anniversary Leah! Lovely SMS! What a honey of a DH you have! You deserve it!!

Ellie said...

What a gorgeous husband you have.