Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I think I'll buy a Lotto Ticket

I have MIA as Cameron spent 3 days in hospital. They're not 100% sure what it was but think one of his testes twisted. He started on Saturday night saying his 'bum' was sore and by 10am Sunday morning we were in at the Ipswich Hospital with him screaming in agony. They came up with every possible diagnosis you can think of: telescoping of the bowel, enteritis, virus, plain old constipation but nothing fit. The most likely opinion is the testes thing. They say it can happen once and then never again or a few times then get twisted good and proper. The doctors told me if it happens again and doesn't right itself - they've got 6 hours to get it out . Needless to say, I'm a bit worried. Seeing as we don't have a actual diagnosis, it makes me anxious it will happen again and it was horrible, he had every test known to man and was on morphine at one stage. He's home now, I just have to watch him very carefully.

To top it off, Steven's car broke down, the dishwasher's flooded our kitchen twice and it cost over $250 for three days worth of nappies and food! If it had been a skit on TV you would have to laugh! But it all pales in significance to my baby boy's health. I'm just so thankful he's okay. And to be extra kind on my exhausted body and nerves, I'm still in my PJs (albeit clean ones after my morning shower), using the dryer to get on top of the washing and the kids are pleasing themselves with all day ABC Kids!

We ended up spending Darcy's 5th Birthday on hospital, so I'll hopefully be in to update for my big boys' 5th Birthday. I have to go and do some housework as 3 odd days of nothing really builds up around here! *mwah*

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Kylie said...

Go on - you would probably win!

Hugs to you all - hope your week improves