Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Pretty Distraction

We are still recuperating after the weekend dramas and I could no longer ignore the washing pile in favour of my sewing machine. I am having major withdrawals but I'm not going to even attempt it at the moment with Cameron and Poppy being little cling-ons!

As a reward for all my washing, hanging, folding and putting away, I finished off my little bureau corner. I've had the photos and frames ready to go ever since I brought it home so it feels lovely to finally hang them. I think for an amateur attempt, it looks cute! I do have dreams of hanging some embroideries as well and having a full gallery, but for now, it's great. The photos aren't crash hot, this wall doesn't get much light, despite it having two windows in it, but you get the drift.


Kylie said...

It looks great Leah.

Mick & said...

It looks great, simply but classy!